Group Retrospective Rating Program provides:

  • Workplace safety training and support.                                            
  • Managed workers' compensation claim costs.
  • Reduction of individual employer’s experience factor and...
  • Refunds for a portion of the employer’s State Industrial Insurance premiums.

 Download Retro Release to get started 

How does the program work?

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) provides for similar employers to group their individual premiums and claim losses as one entity.  When combined premiums exceed the combined losses, the group receives a partial refund of premiums that is then shared proportionately by the group members. The lower the group’s claim expenses, the larger the refund.

Who can participate in the RASI Retro? 

  To be eligible, an employer must meet the following minimum criteria:  

  • Report hours worked in one of the RASI Retro allowed classifications (See our Risk Classes listed here).
  • Demonstrate a positive safety record.
  • Be current with payments to Washington State Fund L&I premiums.
  • Be a member of the Washington Retail Association.


What Are the Benefits?

The RASI Retro professionals provide safety materials, training and continued support to reduce the frequency and severity of worker injuries. 


RASI steps in with professional claim management expertise to reduce claim costs and improve the employer’s safety performance.  As the safety record improves, premiums are reduced. By pooling the risks and the premiums, a well-managed Retro program will return significant dollars to each participating employer.

Why should I pay someone to manage my claims?  

RASI claim professionals relieve the added stress to your employees who may be required to manage injured worker claims in addition to their primary work responsibilities. The RASI claim professional will:

  • Work solely for your company on all employee injury issues
  • Provide you with specialized investigative services.
  • Offer legal assistance on claims that can save your company the costs of additional legal services.
  • Provide your company with total oversight and aggressive one-on-one management of your claims.
  • Maintain frequent contact for you with all parties involved in the claim.
  • Work for your company to keep claim costs to a minimum.


When can I join?


RASI’s Group Retro year begins July 1.  New enrollments are possible at the first of each calendar quarter.  (July, October, January and April)


What does it cost to join?


In addition to membership dues, the first year's claims administration fee varies based on your company's safety record. The administrative fee provides claims’ management, safety and loss-control services. Please contact our Membership Services Staff for a quote.  Terry Hopsecger (360) 943-9198 x-24.


How do I get started?


Complete an Authorization for Release of Information Form and fax or mail the form to RASI.  The release form can be downloaded from the Retro Release Form item on the Retro Menu.  Membership Services will contact you and review your company’s data.