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Safety tip of the week

Safety tip of the week

Orderliness can prevent accidents at work

As far as injuries go, the most critical part of workplace housekeeping is keeping items in order. Are tools strewn about, for example, or in their proper place?

Managers and employees should check regularly to ensure that aisleways are clear for employees and customers.

Some of the benefits of good housekeeping include:

  • Eliminating causes of accidents
  • Preventing wasted energy looking for lost items later on
  • Maintaining good use of available space
  • Reducing damage to goods
  • Encouraging better work habits
  • Reflecting an organized workplace and image

Companies should develop a strategy for good housekeeping. During the day, does your staff periodically stop and survey the floors and shelves to see if there are any hazards for staff or customers?  Make a habit of regularly looking over the store and housekeeping will be easier and prevent potential injuries.

Consider watching RASI SAFETY TV’s The Accident Cascade video that be shown to start a discussion during a safety meeting.

Rick Means, WRA’s Safety Specialist, is available to members to help draw up safety plans and suggest topics for safety meetings. Contact him at 360-943-9198 x18, or rick.means@retailassociationservices.com

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