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Dissect accidents to avoid repeats

Dissect accidents to avoid repeats

Safety tip of the week

If an accident happens at your company, try to find out how it happened.

You should always take a deeper look into incidents and pursue the details in hopes of learning what steps contributed to the failure.  In reviewing an accident, consider why an employee acted the way he or she did. Did their action make sense to them?

Examine how training or a lack of it might have played a role. Was communication adequate? How about procedures; were they clear? Is the employee or management taking ownership for the accident and committing to do something about it?

Once you’ve broken down various aspects of an accident, put corrective actions in place to avoid the incident in the future.  With the knowledge gained, communicate what happened and how it has been corrected to all so that a similar event can be prevented in the future.

Organizations cannot correct what they do not know.  Effective accident investigations programs encourage personnel to report all incidents, including first-aid only injuries, recordable injuries and even near accidents.  When the workforce embraces the importance of reporting, it has an opportunity to correct small problems before they become larger issues.

An Incident Report template can be found here.

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