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Retail Association Services, Inc. (RASI) is a subsidiary of the Washington Retail Association (WRA) providing experienced administration of industrial insurance services to companies throughout Washington State. We help members save money and reduce their risk through safety training, early return to work programs and highly successful claim administration techniques. Members from various risk classes join together to form one of the strongest retrospective rating programs in Washington State. RASI offers a variety of services to companies in Washington State. We help all our members be successful and increase profits through these services.



RASI provides all its members with access to programs and services that save employers time and money, so they can focus on what really matters – growing the success of their business.



All RASI  members receive access to monthly Safety Meeting information, making it easy for employers to stay informed and comply with all of L&I’s requirements for a safe workplace.


RASI knows it’s not always easy owning and operating your own business, which is why we provide the support, resources and information you need to be successful.