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Senior Claims Analyst

maria justinMaria Justin joined our team on May 23, 2011. With more than 10 years of experience in Workers Compensation, Maria assists our members in cost containment and returning injured workers back to work. Her experience includes all areas of claim management, including verifying validity, ensuring appropriate medical management takes place, benefit administration, and taking claims all the way through the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals process when necessary.

Maria is a high-energy team player who works closely with our RASI team to brainstorm difficult high-cost claims and bring them to a timely resolution. She also works closely with the Department of Labor & Industries to ensure all claims issues are addressed timely. Her experience in claim investigations, the Board Appeal process, and final claim resolutions assists our members in keeping their premium costs to a minimum.

While Maria most enjoys working with people, her work in Financial Institutions provided her accounting experience and the opportunity to work with a diverse business community and the general public. Additional work experience includes working in a business office at a medical facility that provided her first-hand experience working with patients and their health care insurance companies.

Maria’s work as an Administrative Assistant in Human Resources for Thurston County and as a clerk for the Thurston County LEOFF 1 Disability Board provides a basis for her organization and attention to detail. While working in Human Resources, Maria was responsible for attending the Thurston County Safety Meetings and provided the minutes for the Board.

Maria is an asset to the Washington Retail Association and brings many skills and a focus on customer service to our members.