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Chief Operating Officer

Tammie has more than 20 years of experience in business management, claims management, self-insurance, investigations, and appeals. She is responsible for managing refunds, overseeing the technical aspects of refund appeals, determining Retro investments, and establishing Retro contract policies.

Tammie is RASI’s representative to the Department of Labor & Industries and works with the state legislature on public policies that impact RASI members. She is an expert in state-funded insurance laws, know the key state leaders involved in the state fund, and has participated on various┬áretail related state committees since 1999. Tammie provides on-site training and support to members and does public speaking to various groups.

As Chief Operating Officer, Tammie provides creative support and strong leadership for the growth of the Retrospective Rating Program which has increased company participation by more than $7 million in premiums since she joined WRA in 1999. Members have enjoyed returns of more than $3 million dollars during this time. She has been successful in growing the services to Retro members, has put together a dynamic team of workers’ compensation specialists, and has devoted numerous techniques to help manage the sophisticated and challenging work of on-the-job injuries. She has developed member support services for those who do not qualify for Retro but need help with claims consulting. She has invested staff education in self-insurance services and invested funds in technology so that reports to national self-insured clients meet their expectations.

In 2007 Tammie’s success at WRA provided the association the opportunity to form a subsidiary where services to the members are now performed. A Board of Directors now works to discuss service needs, contracts, funds and staffing growth.

Tammie has been in business for herself, worked in a law firm as a paralegal, and worked with the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals as the company representative. Her business career includes evenings preparing payroll, long range business planning, and an understanding of the importance of employee development to support creativity, sustain successful and consistent work products, and provide quick response to customer needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, Tammie can be reached by calling 360-943-9198 x13, or by emailing her here.