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Get business exposure through our advertising services.  Why should you consider advertising on the Retail Services webpage?

  • Network with people in the industry

  • Show your stuff and give people a greater awareness of your expertise

  • People can look at the website day or night, on their own schedule

  • Networking is about finding the right sources to post information about your company and services

  • You can share your company bio and suite of services available on your own web page within the WRA/RASI website

  • Touch thousands of like-minded businesses in Washington State with your message

If needed, our Public Relations Department will help you write stories and provide you with a list of ideas.  We are user friendly and will provide as much support as needed.


For more information about advertising on the RASI site or interest in becoming a Patron or Sponsor on the WRA site; contact Terry Hopsecger at (360) 943-9198 ext. 24 or Terry@retailassociationservices.com


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