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How do I know if I’m to report OSHA 300 forms?

Not sure if you are to fill out OSHA300 forms?  Follow these steps to see if you need to list record-able accidents in 2017 for posting February  1st, 2018:

  • Step 1 – Do you currently or at any time for 2017 had 11 or more company employees?  If yes continue on.
  • Step 2 – Don’t know your NAICS number?  A way to locate your NAICS number would be to go the Department of Revenue website and get your NAICS on record. (enter your UBI number and select your company.  The NAICS code will be located on the lower left.)
  • Step 3 – To see if your NAICS is exempt from reporting review this list.If your NAICS number is not on this exempt from reporting list, you will need to start recording your accidents on OSHA form 300 and only post OSHA300A from February 1 to April 30.

UPDATE – At this time Washington is exempt from electronic reporting, pending Labor and Industries review.  You still need to to as you did the prior years. 

And for some of you, there will be a

  • Step 4 – OSHA initiated changes for 2016  will now be asking you to also report certain forms electronically.  You will still go about the annual OSHA 300/300A reporting process.  When that is finished, you will now have to use the chart below to determine if you need to electronically report your information.
Electronic Records Submission Dates
Year to Report Establishments currently required to report with 250 or more employees at one location, you must also submit form(s) electronically for those locations: Establishments with 20-249 employees  at one location, you must also submit form electronically for those locations using : Transmit Deadline
300A 300A To
2017 300, 300A, 301 300A Be
2018 300, 300A, 301 300A Determined

Do you have any single store locations with 250 or more employees?  Then follow the guidelines in that column.   Do you have any locations that have 20-249 employees AND are an industry listed here, then follow the guidelines in that column.  For example; you have one location with 250 or more and other locations that fall under the 20-249 employees, you would report the appropriate form(s) of those locations per the table above.  OSHA has not yet provided the site address to submit this information. We will forward it to you once the updated information is available.


You need to keep your OSHA300 and 300A records for five years.

Additional Information:

NAICS Frequently Asked Questions link has answers to:

Q#3 – How can I determine the correct NAICS code for my business?

Q#5 – How can I have my company’s NAICS code changed?


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