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WRA RETRO Membership Video Gallery


What is the Washington Retail Association?

Driving Down Costs

Workers’ Compensation in Washington State

WRA Safety Incentive Program

Who Approves the Association?

WRA Helps You Improve Performance

RETRO Membership Requirements

Retro Enrollment Denial

RETRO Enrollment Timing

What Are the Risks?

Retro Refunds

What is RETRO?

How are Refunds Calculated?

What are the Costs Involved?

What do I Get With My WRA Membership?

What is the Administrative Fee?

What do I Get For Admin Fees?

What is Claims Management?

Why Care About an Experience Factor?

Attorneys and Specialists

Communication is Critical

Is Security a Priority?

What Does Safety Management Include?

Cost Benefit Analysis

Stay At Work

Stay At Work Process

Financial Benefit to Your Bottom Line

Visit Our Websites

Your Bottom Line

Closing Remarks